Artist Statement

The creative process is an important element in my work, combining the sensuality of moist clay with a fascination for the human form. While my work is both representational and semi-abstracted, I particularly enjoy the freedom of the abstract. I like to work quickly and let the piece direct me — a form of meditation in motion. But even in my abstract work, I continue to work with a model; the presence of the model informs my work, giving meaning and credibility to the form.

For me, sculpture is about capturing something special, an emotion, an essence, a single moment in time. Making sculpture is very personal and intimate, a connection between me, the model and the clay. I want to share this connection with those who see my work. Sculpture is not just visual; it is sensual — a very tactile, hands-on kind of experience. I like people to touch my work. They follow my hand over the form, creating another bond. When people connect with my work, they bring a piece of themselves into the equation, both physically and emotionally.